Pentagon Shift to PFAS Free Fire Foam

September 26, 2022
September 26, 2022 Don Mesquit

PFAS Free Fire Foam

GreenFire Fire Protection ProductsGreenFire® was recently named in an article by Bloomberg Law as one of a handful of manufacturers being reviewed by the Pentagon as viable PFAS free fire foam alternatives to AFFF.

According to the article by Pat Rizzuto and Andrew Wallender:

Bloomberg Law – Pentagon Shift to PFAS-Free Foam Spurring ‘Tidal Wave’ of Change

“Industry recognizes a need to transition to a fluorine-free foam,” said Justin Barkowski, vice president with the American Association of Airport Executives. The question is, “how do we get from Point A to Point B?”

The Pentagon has reviewed alternatives from AFFF manufacturers National Foam, Angus Fire, and Perimeter Solutions which now make PFAS-free foams certified to meet International Civil Aviation Organization standards—and GreenFire®, which was founded in 2016 to produce products free of carcinogenic ingredients including PFAS.

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PFAS Free Fire Foam – AFFF Replacement

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