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Inner City Firefighting has many different and unique challenges that require real solutions. GreenFire® firefighting foam is that realistic solution.

Given that more and more people live together in closely-knit communities, the number of buildings and housing has doubled, if not tripled, in recent years. The population continues to grow in size and number in every city.

As a firefighter, the challenges you face every day become more complex as you try to save lives, property, and the environment. Gone are the days of the cancer-causing foams.

GreenFire is PFAS free. Gone are the days of a different class of foam for another kind of fire.

GreenFire® is a multi-class foam that is entirely green. GreenFire not only meets but exceeds all of the challenges of inner city firefighting.

GreenFire® has been tested under the NFPA 18 Wetting Agent guidelines per the UL 711 standard and has proven to work in the inner city firefighting setting.

Because GreenFire uses less water, there is less damage to the business or products, which means less time on the scene, more cost savings to you and the public.

GreenFire® Inner City Firefighting Products:


Recommended Products

GreenFire Wetting Agent

GreenFire Firefighting Foam (GFFF)

5 Gallon Tote

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gallon Tote

5 Gallon Tote

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gallon Tote

Response ready, A-B multi-class Product.

Non-Cancer Causing. Protecting First Responders and the Public.

Pumper Fitting Safe. Pre-fill tanks for Quick Response times. No flushing required, Zero Clogging. Worry Free Choice Product.

Tested and proven to work in a Residential setting, our GreenFire Wetting Agent uses less water resulting in less damage to the home or valuables.

GreenFire® – Standard Heptane FireTest

GreenFire® – Standard Crib FireTest

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