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When a Residential Firefighter is working on a residential structure fire’s interior, the time it takes to extinguish the fire can be challenging. We see different synthetic materials used today that cause the fire to burn hotter and faster, which shortens the time frame to save or protect a family’s home and valuables. GreenFire is tested and proven to work in a residential firefighting setting,  extinguishing the fire and preventing fire reignition. Because it uses less water, with GreenFire, there is less damage to the home or valuables. GreenFire is an all-green organic product, so there are no harmful side effects to you, the firefighter.


GreenFire® Residential Firefighting Products:

Recommended Products

5 Gallon Tote

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gallon Tote

Today’s fires burn faster and hotter. GreenFire® use less water and works faster than other foams with zero reignition.

GreenFire® is a multi-class green wetting agent, no need to switch from Class A to B in the middle of a fire to meet your needs.

Wether it’s Residential Firefighting or Wildland, GreenFire® has been tested and proven to work in any environment.

With GreenFire® there zero clean-up or messy residue that left. No harmful affects to you or the homeowner when its used.

GreenFire® – Standard Heptane FireTest

GreenFire® – Standard Crib FireTest

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