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GreenFire Heat Barrier

GreenFire Heat Barrier is a revolutionary, non-toxic fire safety solution for contractors, utilities, and automotive industries. Provides an insulated, fire-resistant foam blanket for soldering/welding protection with no clean up, while doubling as leak detection for pressurized piping. Features patented GreenFire technology.

GreenFire Heat Barrier

Product Overview

GreenFire Heat Barrier is a Class A-B Wetting Agent that cools, prevents flare-ups where they can occur, and will adhere to any surface. For use in Hot Work Areas. Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and 100% PFAS free.


    • Class A-B

Designed for use with:

    • GreenFire® 32 oz. Spray Bottle with Special Dual Applicator


    • Fire Sprinklers – For use when installing or maintaining copper automatic fire sprinkler systems
    • PlumbingUse when brazing or soldering. Use as detection to locate natural gas piping and fitting leaks
    • WeldingUse to locate leaks in compressed air lines and natural gas piping and fittings
    • HVACUse when brazing or soldering
    • Automotive – Use to locate compressed air line leaks
    • Roofing
    • Hot Work Areas

Utility Contractors:

    • Electric utility service territory hot work areas
    • Natural gas hot work areas
    • Data communications hot work areas

Product Sizes

32 oz. Spray Bottle
5 Gallon Tote
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Tote

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Environment Safe

Product Information and Technical Data


GreenFire Wetting Agent is Class A-B


No special protective equipment, precautions, hazards, or extinguishing media is needed when using GreenFire Heat Barrier.

Recommended Application Rates

GreenFire Heat Barrier:

CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System): 0.1% – 3%

Conventional Foam Nozzles: 0.1% – 3%

Physical Properties

GreenFire Heat Barrier:

Proportioning Ratio: 1%-6%

Specific Gravity: 1.02g/cc

pH: 7.5

Viscosity: ~150cP (non-Newtonian varies depending on shear rate)

Shipping Specifications: 5 gal. (19 Liters.) 55 gal. drums (209 Liters.)

Storage Temperature: 40°F-100°F

Surface Tension: 32 dynes/cm

Storage: For long term use make sure GreenFire Heat Barrier is properly maintained in the approved container and stored within the recommended range, there is no shelf life.

Please Note* – If freezing occurs, thawing and subsequent stirring will make the product completely serviceable.


GreenFire Wetting Agent is:

    • Non-flammable
    • Non-combustible
    • Non-explosive
    • Intrinsically flame retardant
    • Non-Carcinogenic
    • Non-Toxic


GreenFire Wetting Agent is:

    • PFAS Free
    • Zero Haz-Mat clean up required
    • Does not contaminate waterways
    • Non-Carcinogenic
    • Non-Toxic
    • Zero VOC
    • NSF White Book Listed
    • Food environment safe
    • USDA Recognized
    • Eco friendly

Job Site Applications

GreenFire Heat Barrier Job Site Applications:

    • New Construction
    • Tenant Improvement
    • Remodeling
    • Handyman Work

Typical Properties

GreenFire Heat Barrier:

Nominal Use concentration: 3%

Specific [email protected] (25C): 1.02g/cc

pH @77F (25C): 7.5

Density: 8.51 lbs./gal.

Viscosity @77F (25C): ~147cSt (non-Newtonian: varies depending on shear rate)

Shipping Specifications: 5 gal. (19 Liters.) 55 gal. drums (209 Liters.)

Minimum use temperature: 35 F (1.7C)

Storage temperature: 40-100F (4.5 – 38C)

Freezing point: 30F (-1C)

Appearance: Amber liquid