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GreenFire® Wetting Agent is a class A-B fire protection product that is Fluorine and PFAS Free, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic. There is no additional equipment, nozzles, or hoses needed while using our GreenFire Wetting Agent.


GreenFire® GFFF is designed as a PFAS free foam replacement for AFFF. For use in the same applications as current firefighting foam GreenFire GFFF needs no additional equipment, nozzles, or hoses while being used.


GreenFire® Pro Defense is designed for professionals to pre-treat buildings and outside brush to prevent fire damage and destruction. Pro Defense can be used on residential homes, out buildings, brush and some commercial applications.


GreenFire® Home Defense is designed for homeowners to pre-treat their buildings and outdoor brush/areas to prevent the start of fire from wildfire embers. GreenFire Fire Protection Products protect Life, Property and Environment.


GreenFire® Heat Barrier is Class A-B Wetting Agent that cools, prevents flare-ups where they can occur and will adhere to any surface. Can be used for use in hot-work areas, fire sprinklers, Plumbing, welding, HVAC, automotive, roofing.

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On September 29, 2020 California Senate Bill 1044 Passed | Ban On Harmful Firefighting Foams

FSI | GreenFire® was not affected by this bill. We have never and never will manufacture with PFAS chemicals.
Leading the need for a solution with an answer and effecting change in the industry. Always the Solution, never the Problem.

GreenFire® – Standard Heptane Fire Test

GreenFire® – Standard Crib Fire Test

What Makes GreenFire the SAFEST Choice?

GreenFire is the Fluorine Free Replacement for AFFF and Wetting Agents Containing PFAS Chemicals.

Greenfire PFAS Free Badge

According to NSF International, GreenFire® carries the only White Book Listing in its class that is Certified Safe for use, on and around food processing equipment.

Whether it’s your backyard bbq or a 5-star restaurant, all that is needed when cleaning up is a little water, and you’re back in business with no harmful effects to worry about.

GreenFire® is Food Safe, Non-Toxic and PFAS-Free



Our Products do not put firefighters, public, animals, or the environment at risk by exposing them to toxic chemicals.
GreenFire does not contain phosphorus or PFAS chemicals that pollute waterways and are harmful to fish and wildlife.



First responders can rest assured that the product they use to protect people from the danger of fire will not put them or the public at risk of getting cancer. GreenFire is the responsible choice that protects life.

<b>Easy</b> Cleanup

Easy Cleanup

Our products are all-natural & non-toxic. After extinguishment and life safety restoral, the clean-up of our products after use is as simple as a quick rinse with water.

<b>Eco</b> Friendly

Eco Friendly

Protecting the environment is the primary design behind GreenFire. While other products may boast that they are now “less toxic” to the environment, GreenFire is NON-TOXIC!

<b>Food</b> Safe

Food Safe

NSF International has placed the GreenFire family of products exclusively as Certified Food Safe for and around food processing equipment.
Whether it’s your home kitchen, backyard BBQ, or a 5-star restaurant, all that is needed when cleaning after use is a little water.
You’re back in business with no harmful effects and with no hazardous clean-up required.



Fire departments have recognized our GreenFire Class A/B Wetting Agent as non-damaging and non-corrosive to the pumps and fittings aboard fire engines.
Competing products containing PFAS/PFOA require choosing Class A or B and, if accidentally mixed, results in excessive use of water to flush said apparatus.
The result, they are sending harmful chemicals into our waterways.

<b>Adheres to</b> Any Surface/Angle

Adheres to Any Surface/Angle

GreenFire not only works as a fire suppressant and retardant but also as a heat barrier for many different applications.
When appropriately used in welding, soldering, plumbing, and many other applications, it will adhere to any surface or angle.
It’s there when you need it as an extra and essential layer of protection, watching your back for flare-ups and leaks to get the job done safely.

<b>Protection</b> Will Not Evaporate

Protection Will Not Evaporate

While working with potentially flammable surface areas, GreenFire doesn’t dry out or evaporate after application. It absorbs into the surface area of a material, giving a continuous layer of protection.

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GreenFire® is a PFAS Free, Fluorine Free, Food Safe Fire Protection Product.

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