Meet the GreenFire Team

As a passionate group of people committed to a shared goal of improving environmental and human health, the core GreenFire Team is made up of eight individuals spanning a variety of backgrounds. Each experts in their respective fields, they collectively comprise more than 150 years of fire protection industry expertise.

Our Team

Brandon Miller

An innovator and expert in the organics industry, Brandon Miller has more than 25 years of experience in running a thriving operation. As a trailblazer in a then-developing segment of the commercial food production field, Miller often encountered unique challenges to which no prior solutions existed. Using innovative thinking, and by cultivating a team with diverse expertise, he helped lead the industry with groundbreaking solutions that continue in practice today.

Always committed to prioritizing environmental and human health by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals in his business practices, Miller remains focused on promoting responsible and effective solutions to pervasive problems. To that end, as a very hands-on member of the team, he works tirelessly with his GreenFire team to help make GreenFire an industry leader in responsible firefighting and fire protection solutions.

Seth Sundquist

As a successful business owner and licensed contractor for nearly two decades, Seth Sundquist has extensive experience in growing and running a thriving company. He has worked in the mechanical field since 1995, gaining expertise in commercial plumbing systems, boilers, and fire sprinklers.

In his contracting business, he has been extensively involved with helping clients in the multifamily industry to prevent fires through development of an innovative heat barrier, as well as installation of plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. He prides himself on a business model that prioritizes client education, authenticity, and transparency – values shared by the entire GreenFire Team.

Don Mesquit

Don Mesquit has more than 35 years of experience in the fire protection industry and holds a California Contractors Specialty C-16 (fire protection) license. His experience spans installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of foam systems, fire pumps, fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire service pipeline, and other systems, with expertise in residential, commercial, industrial, public works, and health care settings.

He is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Fire Marshals Association (IFMA). Mesquit’s expert technical knowledge of the industry, including vast familiarity with fire protection codes, standards, and testing requirements are critical to the GreenFire Team in helping to ensure that all of company’s products are properly tested and certified for the applications marketed.

Chad Selk

A firefighting veteran with more than 25 years of service, Chad Selk is intimately familiar with the challenges that firefighters face on a daily basis; he also understands the importance of products that consistently allow firefighters to perform their jobs effectively.

Currently a Fire Captain with the City of Riverside Fire Department (California), Selk has served as a firefighter, an engineer, a member of the Search and Rescue Team and the Hazardous Materials Team. He also holds several leadership roles within the department, including conducting R&D, firefighter training, and developing SOPs.

Having had his interest piqued by GreenFire’s development of unprecedented multi-class Wetting Agents and Firefighting Foams that were not only effective, but also a safer alternative to the toxic AFFF foams widely used today, Selk was eager to contribute his expertise to the GreenFire team in order to effect positive change for the well-being of his fellow firefighters.

David Brecheisen

Driven by a passion for service, David Brecheisen has more than three decades of experience in project development and production. He previously managed the service division of an international agricultural manufacturing company, utilizing a strong background in equipment project development, purchasing, scheduling, and inventory management.

As the product resources director on the GreenFire Team, he is responsible for managing the manufacturing process, vendor relationships, shipping and receiving, inventory management, and procurement. An active volunteer in aiding with disaster relief efforts, Brecheisen was immediately drawn to join GreenFire in their aims to enhance public health and safety with their groundbreaking, non-toxic fire protection products.

AJ Hewitson

AJ Hewitson has more than 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, both consumer-facing and commercial. Having earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing, and with several years in retail sales under his belt, he progressed into leadership roles in direct sales, inventory management, and purchasing.

Working both within the insurance and automotive industries, he has held roles as a national sales trainer, and as a fleet and commercial sales manager for a high-volume, award-winning organization.

In his role with GreenFire, he is responsible for identifying and developing sales opportunities and vertical markets within the industry. What attracted him most to joining the GreenFire Team was his passion for helping people who are committed to helping others.

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