GreenFire Pro Defense

GreenFire Pro Defense is a non-toxic, mineral-based, transparent fire retardant concentrate for use on residential homes, commercial applications, out buildings, brush, and more. Use as a “fire hardening” measure to protect your property from fire. Non-corrosive and non-damaging to applied surfaces. Carries a 10-year interior guarantee.

GreenFire Pro Defense for Professionals

Product Overview

GreenFire Pro Defense is designed for use in pretreating homes and buildings to prevent fire damage. Ideal for treating active construction and industrial sites where cellulose-based products and materials are used. Also proven effective at retarding insect attack on treated structures.

Can also be used to treat dry grass and brush in areas surrounding the property to create a defensible space, and to retard the ignition and spread of fire. Unless leached away by a quarter inch or more of precipitation, GreenFire Pro Defense retardant minerals will continue to provide fire protection indefinitely.

Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and 100% PFAS free.


    • Class A, can be used on Class B fires

Can be used on:

    • Residential homes
    • Out Buildings
    • Brush
    • Commercial

GreenFire Pro Defense for Professionals is designed for use in:

    • GreenFire® Truck Skid Mount
    • GreenFire® Backpack Sprayer
    • Mobile ATV Applicators
    • Universal Wand Sprayer

2022 Oak Fire: Pro Defense Success Story

Product Sizes

275 Gallon Tote
55 Gallon Drum
5 Gallon Tote

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Product Information and Technical Data


GreenFire Pro Defense is:

    • Class A
    • Can be used on Class B


No special protective equipment, precautions, hazards, or extinguishing media is needed when using GreenFire Pro Defense.

Designed for use with

GreenFire Pro Defense is designed for use with:

  • GreenFire® Truck Skid Mount
  • GreenFire® Backpack Sprayer
  • Mobile ATV Applicators
  • Universal Wand Sprayer

Preventative Fire Protection Applications

GreenFire Pro Defense can be used on:

  • Residential Structures
  • Out Buildings
  • Fence Posts
  • Power Poles
  • Around Outdoor Grills
  • Campsites
  • New Construction
  • Lumber
  • Dry Grass and Brush
  • Wood Chips
  • Shipping Pallets
  • Eaves
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Wood Shake Roofs
  • Any other combustible material or high risk areas

GreenFire Pro Defense is not typically used on live fires.  Instead it is a longterm retardant that prevents the outbreak of fires, or spread of fires.

After diluting 1:1 with water, apply at a rate of 1 Gallon per 125 square feet.


GreenFire Pro Defense is:

    • Non-flammable
    • Non-combustible
    • Non-explosive
    • Intrinsically flame retardant
    • Non-Carcinogenic
    • Non-Toxic


GreenFire Pro Defense is:

    • PFAS Free
    • Zero Haz-Mat clean up required
    • Does not contaminate waterways
    • Non-Carcinogenic
    • Non-Toxic
    • Zero VOC
    • NSF White Book Listed
    • Food environment safe
    • USDA Recognized
    • Eco friendly

Physical Properties

GreenFire Pro Defense:

Proportioning Ratio: 1:1 with water before application

Specific Gravity: 1.11g/cc

pH: 6.8-7.6

Viscosity: ~14cP (non-Newtonian varies depending on shear rate)

Shipping Specifications: 5 gal. (19 Liters.) 55 gal. drums (209 Liters.) 275 gal. Tote (1041 Liters)

Storage Temperature: 40°F-100°F

Surface Tension: 30 dynes/cm

Storage: For long term use make sure GreenFire Pro Defense is properly maintained in the approved container and stored within the recommended range, there is no shelf life.

Please Note* – If freezing occurs, thawing and subsequent stirring will make the product completely serviceable.

Typical Properties

GreenFire Pro Defense:

Nominal Use concentration: 50%

Specific Gravity@77F (25C): 1.11g/cc

pH @77F (25C): 6.8-7.6

Density: 9.26 lbs./gal.

Viscosity @77F (25C): ~12.5cSt (non-Newtonian: varies depending on shear rate)

Shipping Specifications: 5 gal. (19 Liters.) 55 gal. drums (209 Liters.)

Minimum use temperature: 35°F (1.7C)

Storage temperature: 40°F-100F (4.5°C – 38C)

Freezing point: 30°F (-1°C)

Appearance: Amber liquid

GreenFire Pro Defense Training Video