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    About GreenFire® Technology

    GreenFire Safety BadgeDesigned to be used in the Fire Protection industry, GreenFire Fire Technology is PFAS Free, safe, and effective before or during a fire. However, GreenFire protection goes even further. Other FireProtection products often cause considerable damage to property, for example, corrosion, contamination, or even toxicity. In contrast, GreenFire protects what’s valuable, life, property, and the environment.

    GreenFire is NSF International White Book Listed and carries the only certification in its class. Certified Safe for use on and around food processing equipment. Whether it’s in your kitchen, a BBQ area, or a 5-star restaurant, when used, all that is needed is a little soap and water to clean the affected area.

    Less-Toxic is not an option anymore! NON-TOXIC is the only fire suppression choice for the FUTURE.

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