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About GreenFire® Technology

GreenFire ® Fire Suppression

Firstly GreenFire® Fire Suppression Technology knocks down and puts out intense blazes in a hurry. As well as being fast, it’s safe and effective. However, GreenFire® protection goes even further. While other fire suppression systems often cause considerable damage to property. For example, corrosion, contamination, or even toxicity. In contrast GreenFire® protects what’s valuable.  And even after the blaze is extinguished there is not property destruction that causes economic stress and other environmental dangers to those in the house or on the job. Contact GreenFire if you would like to become a distributor.


Additionally, according to NSF International, GreenFire ® carry’s the only certification in its class that is Certified Safe for use, on and around food processing equipment. Whether it’s in your kitchen, BBQ area outback or a 5 star restaurant, when GreenFire® is used, all that is needed is a little soap and water. According to NSF your back in business with no harmful effects to worry about.

Less-Toxic is not an option anymore! NON-TOXIC is the only fire suppression choice for the FUTURE.

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