GreenFire Wetting Agent / Multi Class Foam

Our most universal product, GreenFire Wetting Agent / Multi Class Foam is proven to extinguish multi class fires while also preventing reignition. Made entirely from eco-friendly ingredients, GreenFire Wetting Agent’s natural heat-absorbing properties will put out fires faster, helping you perform your job more safely and efficiently.

GreenFire Wetting Agent / Multi Class Foam

Product Overview

Tested under NFPA 18 Wetting Agent guidelines per the UL 711 standard, GreenFire Wetting Agent has been proven to extinguish Class A and B fires in inner city settings and more. Contains no PFOS, PFOA, nor any family of toxic PFAS chemicals.


    • Class A-B
    • Effective on D, K, Li-Ion

Firefighting Industries:

Fire Prevention Industries:

Utility Contractors 

    • Public/Private Utility Service Territory hot work areas [High Fire Risk Area]
    • Natural gas hot work areas
    • Data communications hot work areas

GreenFire Wetting Agent is designed for use in:

    • Fire Engines
    • Foam Tenders
    • Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)
    • GreenFire Backpack Sprayer
    • Mobile ATV Applicators
    • Fire Sprinklers*
    • Fire Extinguishers*
    • Utility Service Territory Hot-Work Areas (HFRA)**

*Manufacturer approvals required
**Utility Hot-Work Dilution Ratio: 4:1-5:1


Product Sizes

275 Gallon Tote
55 Gallon Drum
5 Gallon Tote

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Fitting Safe

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to Induction Pumps

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Environment Safe

Product Information and Technical Data


GreenFire Wetting Agent is Class A-B

Effective on D, K, Li-Ion


No special protective equipment, precautions, hazards, or extinguishing media is needed when using GreenFire Wetting Agent.

Recommended Application Rates

CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System): 0.1% – 3%

Conventional Foam Nozzles: 0.1% – 3%

Physical Properties

Proportioning Ratio: 1%-6%

Specific Gravity: 1.06g/cc

pH: 6.8-7.6

Viscosity: ~36cP at 20°C (non-Newtonian varies depending on shear rate)

Shipping Specifications: 5 gal. (19 Liters.) 55 gal. drums (208 Liters.) 275 gal. Tote (1041 Liters)

Storage Temperature: 40°F-100°F

Surface Tension: 32 dynes/cm

Storage: For long term use make sure GreenFire Wetting Agent is properly maintained in the approved container and stored within the recommended range, there is no shelf life.

Please Note* – If freezing occurs, thawing and subsequent stirring will make the product completely serviceable.

Typical Properties

Nominal Use concentration: 0.1-3%

Specific Gravity@77F (25C): 1.06g/cc

pH @77F (25C): 6.8-7.6

Density: 8.51 lbs./gal.

Viscosity @77F (25C): ~34cSt (non-Newtonian: varies depending on shear rate)

Shipping Specifications: 5 gal. (19 Liters.) 55 gal. drums (209 Liters.) 275 gal. Tote (1041 Liters)

Minimum use temperature: Maintain above freezing

Storage temperature: 40°F-100F (4.5°C – 38C)

Freezing point: 30°F (-1°C)

Appearance: Amber liquid


GreenFire Wetting Agent is:

    • Non-flammable
    • Non-combustible
    • Non-explosive
    • Intrinsically flame retardant
    • Non-Carcinogenic
    • Non-Toxic


GreenFire Wetting Agent is:

    • PFAS Free
    • Zero Haz-Mat clean up required
    • Does not contaminate waterways
    • Non-Carcinogenic
    • Non-Toxic
    • Zero VOC
    • NSF White Book Listed
    • Food environment safe
    • USDA Recognized
    • Eco friendly

Firefighting Applications

GreenFire Wetting Agent can be used for:

    • Paper
    • Wood
    • Trash
    • Petroleum or Alcohol-based fires
    • Aircraft hangars
    • Fuel storage
    • Mechanical bays
    • Equipment
    • Any other materials or structures that could be at risk to fire

Recommended Applications

The 3% can be used with conventional foam equipment with fresh, sea or brackish water.

Self inducting foam nozzles and foam nozzles with In-line inductors are among the most common types of hardware for application.

In addition to its use in aspirating foam equipment, it can be dispensed effectively through non-aspirating equipment Including fog nozzles, water spray devices and standard sprinklers.

Is effective in sub surface injection systems for non-water-soluble hydrocarbons. Sub surface injection is safe and reliable for fixed protection of storage tanks.


GreenFire Wetting Agent does NOT have a positive spreading coefficient and is therefore NOT considered an AFFF type foam.

However, its ability to form a stable foam blanket covering a fuel surface allows it to be used effectively in many applications where AFFF foams have previously been the standard.

Positive fire suppression and vapor control.

Proportions Readily: Permits use in a wide range or proportioning equipment.

Solution Stability: Solutions of GreenFire Wetting Agent do not present “transit time” limitations through handlines or in fixed systems.