GreenFire Firefighting Foam (GFFF)
The Fluorine Free Foam Replacement for AFFF

GreenFire Firefighting Foam (GFFF) is the only SAFE choice for firefighters. Protecting LIVES, Property, and Resources.

About GreenFire Firefighting Foam

GreenFire Firefighting Foam (GFFF) is a class B foam, PFAS free, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic. GFFF is designed as the Green Replacement for AFFF and is NSF International White Booked listed as food safe.

GreenFire Firefighting Foam (GFFF) is entirely free of PFAS and PFCs chemicals and is a 100% Green product. There is no other product on the market that is not only green but has been White Book Listed as a Food Safe product by NSF International.

Current firefighting foam manufactures still do not have a fix to the health issues their foams present, but we do! Fire Suppressions Innovations (FSI) have developed and created a product designed to completely changed the market.

Firefighting foams are used in the millions of gallons a day to battle the devastating effects of fires. Affecting those that use them and the environment they are to protect. Humans and our environment will feel the damage these foams cause for years to come, but we can and will change that.

Our GreenFire Firefighting Foam (GFFF) is designed as a harmful foam replacement and works in the same application as current firefighting foams. There is no additional equipment, nozzles, or hoses needed while using this product.

Make the smart choice, make the safe choice, the Green choice.

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GreenFire InternationalGreenFire® is a Safe, Non-Toxic, and PFAS-Free fire protection product.

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