Commercial Firefighting

GreenFire® is tested and proven to work in a commercial firefighting setting. Thousands of buildings across the US, Europe and Asia are under threat and each year that number is continuously increasing and changing.

Commercial Firefighting

City, Local & County Fire Departments – Realistic Firefighting Solutions That Work

Commercial businesses are storing more products and goods and paying less attention to fire safety, and this can make your commercial firefighting job a challenge.

Businesses are trying to preserve their valuable and essential goods and keep their business running without being damaged or destroyed by either fire or water.

GreenFire® commercial firefighting products are tested and proven to work in a commercial firefighting setting.

Because you use less water with GreenFire®, there is less  damage to the commercial business or products while involved in commercial firefighting.

Commercial Firefighting can be used in the fire’s initial attack phase. Its heat-absorbing features will put the fire out faster, reducing damage to merchandise or the structure.

GreenFire® Commercial Firefighting Products:

NFPA Code 13E

Recommended Commercial Firefighting Products

GreenFire® Wetting Agent

GreenFire® Firefighting Foam (GFFF)

275 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum

5 Gallon Tote

275 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum

5 Gallon Tote

Why Choose GreenFire® Firefighting Products?

GreenFire® Fire Protection Products cool and suppress quicker while providing zero re-ignition for commercial firefighting.

Dramatically reduce on scene overhaul and mop-up time on commercial firefighting.

Crash rigs need certification? Use our Training Foam. No PFAS, surfactant heavy.

In the industrial setting, GreenFire® uses a GFFF blend, an utterly organic replacement foam for AFFF.

GreenFire® – Standard Heptane FireTest

GreenFire® – Standard Crib FireTest

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GreenFire® Wetting Agent, Firefighting Foam (GFFF) and our other GreenFire® Commercial Firefighting Products area PFAS Free, Fluorine Free and Food Safe.

Protecting Life, Property and Environment!

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