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Fluorine Free

Saving Property, Resources and Lives

GreenFire® Fluorine Free Fire Protection

Fluorine FreeGreenFire® Fluorine Free Fire Protection Products came out of a desire to provide something safe for those who put their lives on the line to protect us and our properties. We realized that in providing safe products for individuals to use, we would also be protecting our environment.

For years the fire protection industry has needed safer foam and wetting agent technology. We are proud to play a part in lowering cancer rates in emergency response personnel and in helping clean up the environment.

GreenFire® Fluorine Free Fire Protection Products were formed to bring about change to our ever-growing fire fighting product needs.

Imagine reducing cancer, thus not only saving lives and but keeping families intact.

Imagine creating a fluorine free product that will replace chemicals that are polluting our waterways and soils.

As a part of the GreenFire® family, we offer a solution to the application (s) of harmful Fire Protection Chemicals. Whether they be a Wetting Agent, Foam, Retardant, Heat Barrier, and alike. GreenFire® Fluorine Free Foam has broken the barrier.

Saving Peoples Lives
Fire Protection That Works For People!

Cancer is a significant concern in the fire industry. In California, Proposition 65 identifies products that possess cancer-causing chemicals.

GreenFire® Fluorine Free products contain ZERO forever chemicals (PFAS) known to California to cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other reproductive harm. GreenFire® Fire Protection Technology sets the bar when it comes to fluorine free safety for people.

Fluorine Free Replacement for AFFF
Non-Toxic to Firefighters

NSF ApprovalsGreenFire® Fluorine Free Firefighting Products are truly GREEN Fire Fighting Products.

    • PFAS Free
    • Non-Carcinogenic
    • Non-Toxic
    • Zero VOC
    • Approved by the National Sanitation Foundation
    • Does not contaminate waterways
    • USDA Recognized
    • Safe for use around pets
    • Eco friendly
    • Tested Under The NFPA 18 Wetting Agent & The Underwriters Laboratory 711 Guidelines.
    • Does Not Contain PFOS Or PFOAS
    • AFFF Fire Retardant Foam Replacement
    • 100% Fluorine Free Foam

GreenFire® Fluorine Free Products provide fast, complete extinguishment of any burning product.

    • Tested and proven to exceed environmental safety industry standards
    • Increased firefighter safety with less exposure to fire
    • Minimized water Usage
    • Reduced fire damage
    • Extinguishing classes A-B type fires
    • C Class March 2020

GreenFire® Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Protection is not only a fire suppressant but also acts as a flame retardant. The penetrating agent allow it to last longer and  increases the absorption into any fuel and prevents re-ignition. GreenFire® Fluorine Free Foam uses 20% less water required by other products.

  • No Clogging
  • Fire Pumper Fitting Safe

GreenFire® Pending Approvals

While Reversing Destruction and Suppressing Fire

GreenFire® Fluorine Free Products are the only fire protection products ever White Book Listed with NSF International. This listing as food safe makes it perfect for agricultural or food service locations without fear of massive contamination or extraordinary clean-up measures.

NSF International merely recommends using a mild cleanser and water to make any surface covered with our Fluorine Free GreenFire® products for safe food preparation.

Our innovative fluorine free product has an unparalleled advantage when considering its use in facilities such as schools, hospitals, care facilities, universities, and other institutions that have cafeterias or break rooms.

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