Pro Defense
GreenFire Pro Defense for Homeowners

Pro Defense


Available Sizes: 5 Gal Tote


Non-toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, and 100% PFAS free

GreenFire® Pro Defense is a non-toxic, mineral-based, transparent fire retardant for use on residential homes and buildings as a “fire hardening” measure to protect your property from fire.

It can also be used to treat dry grass and brush in areas surrounding the property to create a defensible space, and to retard the ignition and spread of fire.

Non-corrosive and non-damaging to applied surfaces.

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Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, and 100% PFAS free.

As an added bonus, GreenFire® Pro Defense has been proven effective at retarding insect attack on treated structures.

Unless leached away by a quarter inch or more of precipitation, this products retardant minerals will continue to provide fire protection indefinitely.

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