Local Company creates NON TOXIC Firefighting Products

June 1, 2021 Don Mesquit

GreenFire® NON TOXIC Firefighting Products

Action News KHSL Chico | CHANNEL 12

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CHICO Action News Now, Calif. – A Chico-based company is offering a non toxic firefighting products as an alternative to existing fire retardants and foams.

Brandon Miller, CEO of Fire Suppression Innovations speaks with a local news channel about GreenFire® Non Toxic Firefighting products. Chico Fire Department’s Chief Chris Zinko joins him in discussing the importance of mitigating exposure to harmful cancer-causing based products not only for their crews, but to the public as well.

“Really especially here at Chico Fire we are making a move to make our troops as safe as possible by mitigating their exposure to any kind of cancerous elements”

Chief Chris Zinko | Chico Fire Department

Chico Posted: Jun 1, 2021 5:39 PM
Updated: Jun 1, 2021 5:48 PM

Chico Action News Now – GreenFire® Non Toxic Firefighting Products

Posted – June 2021