Pro Defense Dealership Program

August 1, 2020
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August 1, 2020 Don Mesquit

Pro Defense Dealership Program

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Become a GreenFire Certified Dealer in the Pro Defense Dealership Program allows you to significantly increase your revenue and provide a desperately needed solution for homeowners and insurance companies.

The 2020 California wildfire season is a series of ongoing wildfires burning across the state of California. The season is a part of the 2020 Western United States wildfire season.

As of October 23, 2020, over 8,834 fires[1] have burned 4,317,646 acres (1,747,289 ha),[2] more than 4% of the state’s roughly 100 million acres of land, making 2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California’s modern history, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.[3][4]

The fires’ intensity has been increased by drying and heating from human-induced climate change,[5][6], and decades of poor forest management.[7][8]

On August 19, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom reported that the state was battling 367 known fires, many sparked by intense thunderstorms on August 16–17 caused by moisture from the remnants of Tropical Storm Fausto. Response and evacuations were complicated by a historic heatwave and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Governor declared a state of emergency on August 18.[9] His request for a federal disaster declaration for six major wildfires was approved on October 17 after being rejected the previous day.[10][11] In early September 2020, a combination of a record-breaking heatwave and Diablo and Santa Ana winds sparked more fires that explosively grew the active fires, with the August Complex more than doubling the Mendocino Complex‘s size to become California’s largest recorded wildfire.[12]

The Creek Fire expanded in the Big Creek drainage area, temporarily trapping hundreds of campers near the Mammoth Pool Reservoir. The North Complex explosively grew in size as the winds fanned it westward, threatening the city of Oroville and triggering mass evacuations. -Wikipedia

Homeowners living in these areas know very well the pain of being evacuated every year. Left to wonder if they will have a home to come back to. While there is nothing a homeowner can do to extinguish an active wildfire, there is a way to help stop the fire from igniting your property.

GreenFire® Pro Defense Dealership Program can be the most important step you take to protect your home and the things you care about.

What is Pro Defense?

GreenFire Pro Defense is designed as a class A foam for professionals to pre-treat buildings and brush to prevent fire damage. NSF International White Booked listed as food safe and contains zero PFAS!

It works by naturally changing the molecular structure of organic materials, so they are no longer combustible. It can be applied on surfaces such as wood, paint, fencing, dry vegetation and wood mulch. Can be applied to, but will encapsulate and dry out, living vegetation.

Additionally Pro-Defense is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, food-safe, and is easy to clean up. The phosphate-free, non-colored, non-corrosive liquid will adhere to any surface.

GreenFire® Pro Defense Dealership Program is the only choice for life and property protection while still being safe for the environment.

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