Multi Class Foam / Wetting Agent

GreenFire® Multi Class Foam / Wetting Agent is proven to extinguish multi class fires while also preventing reignition.

Available Sizes:

  • 275 Gallon Tote
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 5 Gallon Tote

Made entirely from eco-friendly ingredients, our multi class foam’s natural heat-absorbing properties will put out fires faster, helping you perform your job more safely and efficiently.

Classified under NFPA 18 Wetting Agent guidelines per the UL 711 standard, GreenFire Wetting Agent / Multi Class Foam has been proven to extinguish Class A and B fires in inner city settings and more.

Contains no PFOS, PFOA, nor any family of toxic PFAS chemicals.

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Non-Carcinogenic, No PFAS, no CFCs, Food Environment Safe.

Features patented GreenFire® technology.

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275 Gal, 55 Gal, 5 Gal


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